Monday, July 30, 2012

Manipulating the Term "Equality"
and the Queer Game of Chicken

There's an old saying:  "He who controls the language, controls the debate."  Don't believe me?

In 2011, a Reuters NPR poll found that 59 percent of Americans believed abortion was wrong.  Another Gallup poll that same year found that 61 percent of American adults believed abortion is wrong.  Yet abortion continues to be legal throughout America and we keep electing politicians who support abortion rights.   There are many reasons why pro-abortion leaders continue to hold sway, but one of the main reasons is that they won the battle for the language in the debate.  No one ever says that they are pro-abortion.  That's too bloody and too controversial.  The leaders of the pro-abortion movement found that it was better to just be "pro-choice".  Who could be against choice?  That's downright un-American!

It's a testament to how little we probe ideas anymore, since so few people follow this to it's logical conclusion:  Killing an innocent baby is now a "choice".

If you listen to the current social debate on homosexual marriage, the same thing is happening all over again:  None of the proponents of this new "right" dares say "Gay Marriage".  No, it's now been cloaked in the star-spangled fuzziness of "Marriage Equality".  

Think about it for a moment:  Marriage Equality.  What does that mean?  It means many things for those who buy into it:

•  Marriage is not a sacrament

•  Marriage is just a social construct that can be changed

•  Marriage isn't for begetting children

•  Marriage isn't for raising children

•  Marriage can take place between ANY two (or more) entities.

That last one should really make you think.  If marriage should be an equal rights issue, then what is to stop people from marrying animals?  If you think that's over-the-top, there are already people on record who insist that they have marital relationships with animals and others who share the same view of inanimate objects.

So, in a startling show of sanity (and faith) Chick-Fil-A's president, Dan Cathy (above) has exercised his First Amendment right to speak out on this issue.  He may be a Bible-thumping, down-yonder Fundamentalist, but he at least makes his decisions based on the Bible, not on some vague notion of "What Would Jesus Do?"  And what did the Bible tell him?  The same thing it tells all of us, no less than 7 times:  Homosexuality is offensive to God.  It is a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

That's true for ALL Christians whether they are Catholics, High Church Anglicans, Methodists, Southern Baptists or Pentecostals.  

Back to Mr. Cathy...he is being demonized by the liberal press and by the Gay Gestapo.  Not because he has condemned Gay people (he hasn't).  Not because he refuses to serve or hire Gay people (he doesn't refuse anyone).  No, his crime was simply saying that he refuses to support Gay marriage.  And he also donates to organizations that oppose Gay Marriage.

Imagine that!  A 21st century man who actually follows the dictates of his professed faith!

Predictably, leaders of "progressive" cities like Chicago and San Francisco have let it be known that Mr. Cathy is not welcome in their respective towns.

These are hard times for businessmen who recognize that there is no "marriage equality".

It doesn't matter if you like Chicken sandwiches or not or whether you are a Catholic or a member of Jimmy Swaggart's church:  This man deserves your prayers and support.  

Wednesday is Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.  Go buy a chicken sandwich and let the folks behind the counter know why you came.  And pray that more of our Catholic leaders find the same kind of courage that Mr. Cathy has shown.

Finally, you need to correct anyone who uses the term "Marriage Equality".  There is nothing equal about marriages based on mere animal attraction that have no possibility of creating new life or sustaining a family that can grow in faith.

If we don't shut down this whole "Marriage Equality" myth now, your children will be invited to ceremonies where polygamies and bestial relationships will be recognized by the state.  Is that really what you want?

 Stand Up And Fight!

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