Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Convenient, Efficient, Inexpensive & Environmentally Sound

That little machine is not an iron lung or a hyperbolic chamber.  It's new device that your state and local governments will soon be promoting.  So will your local mortuary.  

This chamber is used for "biocremation" or, to be accurate, "Alkaline Hydrolisis."  In this chamber, the body of a deceased person is dissolved into a liquid substance which is drained into the sewage system.  

This new process is being used in 23 different countries.  Why, you ask?  They say it is because it emits no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (environmental reasons).  The real reason is because no one has any care or respect for the bodies of the deceased because fewer and fewer people believe in God.

I'm Catholic.  I believe in God.  And I believe what His Church tells me.  The Code of Canon Law, which remained unchanged from 1917 until 1983, forbade cremation:

Canon 1203: "The bodies of the faithful must be buried, and cremation is reprobated. If anyone has in any manner ordered his body to be cremated, it shall be unlawful to execute his wish."

Canon 1240.5: "Persons who have given orders for the cremation of their bodies are deprived of ecclesiastical burial, unless they have before death given some signs of repentance."

Canon 2339: "Persons who, in violation of the prohibition of Canon 1240, dare to order or force the ecclesiastical burial (of those who are to be deprived of it) incur excommunication ipso facto; and persons who of their own accord give ecclesiastical burial to the above mentioned, incur an interdict from entering a church."

Why did the Church forbid cremation?

Cremation was a pagan practice.  In modern times atheists promoted cremation as a way of showing disbelief in the coming resurrection of the dead.  The Catholic Church teaches that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, to be treated with profound reverence.

However, in 1983, the Code of Canon Law was amended, giving a conditional permission (but certainly not a recommendation) for cremation:

Canon 1176: "The Church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burying the bodies of the dead be observed; it does not, however, forbid cremation unless it has been chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching" 

Alkaline Hydrolisis, or turning a deceased body into sewage slime, is an insult to God and an act of defiance to the Catholic Church.  It is also part of the organic development of sacraments for today's newest pagan religion: Environmentalism.

Environmentalism teaches us that the earth is more important than humans.  The earth is worshipped.  Humans are an aberration that threatens the pristine balance of nature and we should stop procreating and not leave any marks upon the earth god that is more important than human lives.

Environmentalism denies the existence of our immortal souls. It denies that God gave us the earth to use and subdue.  It reduces humans to being a burden.  Just like Fascism.

This new method of disposing human remains will become very popular in the coming years.  The State of New York is already drafting a law to re-define cremation to include this process.

For Catholics, this is intolerable.  If we remain silent, this could be imposed upon us as law--it already is a penalty in some countries to bury the dead.

So it's time to decide:  Are you a Catholic or an Environmentalist?

Stand Up and Fight!

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